Central Heating System

Central Heating System

With Oil Fired Central Heating Systems we are able to off three main options.

A standard fully pumped system.
A sealed system
A Combination Boiler system.
Standard Fully Pumped System.

The standard Central Heating consists of a Potterton Statesman Boiler, Radiators, Copper Cylinder, Water Storage Tanks, Oil Tank and fittings. All Statesman Boilers provide a number of flueing options and they are explained in brief on the Boiler page or in detail on the Potterton Website.

Sealed System.

The Sealed System option is very similar to the above but the small tank in the loft space is replaced with a pressure vessel on the Central Heating which is within the boiler case.

Combination System.

The Combination Boiler System uses a Potterton Statesman Combination Oil Boiler. With this system there is no need for any cold water storage. The Central Heating side has a pressure vessel as with the Sealed System option. The Domestic Hot water is supplied by the incoming household water main and hot water is supplied on demand. Adequate water pressure would be required for this system to work to its full potential.

All of the above options have there own merits and we would be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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